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Lil Kim’s nipple slip compilation

May 7, 2010 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: Porn

This hot ebony feline is the baddest chick in the world of cocoa goddesses and who wouldn’t agree that she’s showed us a supply of titty slips to last us a lifetime? Lil Kim is as tough and wild like the lyrics in her song but as seductive and oozing with raw sex whenever she shows up on the red carpet.

This feisty sistah likes to wear extremely revealing clothes and if it’s our lucky day, none at all. Seriously, she’s showed us more nipples than she shows us some decent manners…and to prove to you my point, here’s a compilation of ‘Lil Kim’s titty slip pictures and more in this site!

Lil Kim Fake Porn Pictures

Jun 19, 2008 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: Porn

Lil’ Kim is a multi-platinum rapper and singer who was known to be the only female rapper to achieve such distinction for having to have won 5 mics awards for her album The Naked Truth. She also won a Grammy award for her role in the music video Lady Marmalade which included other big name artists like Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott and Maya. But what made her infamous is the fact that she has been closely linked to Bad Boy Records, a production outfit owned by former partners Sean Puffy Combs (P. Diddy) and the late Notorious B.I.G. who was Lil’ Kim’s mentor and rumoured secret lover. She was even found guilty when she was convicted for perjury and conspiracy when she lied before a grand jury about her friends’ involvement in a 2001 shooting outside a famous Manhattan studio. She was thrown in the slammers for more than a year where she dedicated her time writing over 200 songs. Lil’ Kim is one dedicated artist to her cause and it is really funny to have come across some of her fake porn pictures across the Net and we decided to gather some of them and you can see them at Lil’ Kim Fake Porn Pictures.

I guess this is one way for Lil’ Kim’s adoring (or sleazy) fans to dedicate such time and effort to come up with graphic images of some pornstar’s body and paste her face on all of them. If you’re curious enough to see more of her fake porn pictures, then click here and enjoy all of her ingenious images at Lil’ Kim Fake Porn Pictures.

Lil’ Kim And Atlantic Records Split Up?

Apr 13, 2008 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: Gossip

Rumors have been swirling around recently concerning Lil’ Kim and her record label Atlantic Records. A recent article on Billboard.com cited her comments during an appearance on the “Streetsweeper Radio” radio show of DJ Kay Slay, where Kim noted that she harbours no ill will towards Atlantic Records, but that she is eager to release her next record independently. That statement has been taken to mean that she and Atlantic Records have parted ways.

Aside from that statement, Lil’ Kim is also rumored to be in negotiations with Imperial Records, which is the independent division of Capitol Music Group. The release of her next album is planned for sometime around April or May this year, even though there has been no confirmation yet from her representatives as to her move to Imperial Records. She has stated though, that she is prepared to work on this project without the backing of any major label.

Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent Sued

Sep 20, 2007 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: Controversy, News

A record producer named Carlos Evans is claiming that 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim and two record companies have failed to pay him royalties on a song that sold 2 million copies, and he has filed a suit against them to the tune of $2 million — $1 million for compensation, and $1million in punitive damages.

Evans calls himself “Phantom of the Beat” and says his industry resume includes acts like Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, and Busta Rhymes.

Evans claims, in the papers that he has filed in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court, that he was contracted with Rotten Apple records in January 2003 to produce, engineer, and mix a rap track to be performed by Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent, called “Magic Stick”.

Evans was supposed to have gotten a $7,500 advance plus royalties for his work on the song. He told the court that he was paid the $7,500 advance, but not any of the royalties, and that his requests for a royalties audit have all been ignored.

The song ended up on Lil’ Kim’s 2003 “La Bella Mafia” album, although it was intended for 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’”. Lil’ Kim’s album was recorded and distributed by Atlantic records.

Evans said that “”It was one of the hottest tracks on that album, and I didn’t collect my royalties”.

Theodore Sedlmayr, the lawyer for Rotten Apple Records issued a statement saying that the late royalty problems happened because Evans used large sample of someone else’s music in “Magic Stick”, so the segment had to be licensed and paid for first.

He said that Atlantic Records was still in the process of accounting and that if Evans was entitled to anything, he would get it. Atlantic Records declined to comment on pending litigation, as per their standard operating procedure.

Lil’ Kim To Judge On Pussycat Dolls Reality Show

Feb 26, 2007 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: News

Robin Antin, the founder of the Pussycat Dolls has created a new reality show set to appear on the CW Network called the Pussycat Dolls presents: The Search For The Next Doll, which will be hosted by Mark McGrath, ex-Sugar Ray vocalist.

The eight-episode series will pit nine girls against each other to become the seventh member of the chart-topping pop group. In typical reality show style, the contestants will live together in an LA loft while being put through challenges that will “test their dancing abilities, vocal abilities, creativity, confidence, and style”.

Lil’ Kim is set to be on the panel of judges on this show, along with Robin Antin, and Ron Fair, who is Chairman of Geffen Records. Anything with Lil’ Kim and “pussy” sounds just great in our book!

Lil’ Kim Sentenced To A Year In Prison

Jun 14, 2005 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: Controversy, News

Last March, Lil’ Kim was convicted of perjury for lying to a federal grand jury concerning a shootout that occurred outside a radio station back in 2001. Three counts of perjury and one of conspiracy were the successful cases against her, but she was able to avoid conviction for obstruction of justice.

Lil’ Kim had testified before that she didn’t notice two close friends at the scene of the 2001 gun battle outside WQHT, also known as Hot 97, where Lil’ Kim’s entourage crossed paths with a rival rap group called Capone-N-Noreaga. Lil’ Kim’s entourage confronted them about an insult in one of their albums, and then later on, a shootout happened.

It was Kim’s testimony that she didn’t notice her manager Damion “D-Roc” Butler, and Suif “Gutta” Jackson at the scene, that got her convicted. Radio station security photos show Butler opening a door for her , while other witnesses testified that both men were at the station with her. The prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Cathy Seibel, told the jury that Lil’ Kim would have to have been wearing “magic sunglasses that only block out your friends who were shooting people,” to be able to not notice her friends at the scene of the crime.

Both Butler and Jackson have since pleaded guilty to gun charges, and Lil’ Kim’s assistant was also convicted on perjury and conspiracy charges along with her.

This June 6, Lil’ Kim was sentenced to a year and a day in prison, plus $50,000 in fines for her crime. She could have spent up to 20 years in prison on her conviction, so she’s lucky to have gotten off so easy.

Kim Appears In Video Game

Feb 1, 2005 Author: Miss Kim | Filed under: News

As if video games weren’t violent enough! If you’re tired of driving around in your lowrider and knocking civilians off the sidewalk while running away from the cops, then you might want to try some old skool one-on-one fighting on the Playstation 2, with that urban twist that you love so much! Yeah, hook up with the Def Jam: Fight for NY and you’ll get to play more than 40 of the most electrifying artists and personalities in hip-hop today.

Playas like Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Xzibit, Sean Paul, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and of course our favourite, Lil’ Kim, are all available for game playas like you to live out your fantasies, like throwing Carmen Electra in front of a subway train!

Our favourite kick-ass hip-hop queen provided the voice-overs for her character’s part of the storyline. That’s where you can challenge another opponent to have Lil’ Kim as your girlfriend. Now there’s a hot game geek’s fantasy if I’ve ever heard one! Her fighting style in the game is martial arts, and of course her finishing move is called the “Queen Bee Sting”!

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